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Diet Mountain Dew  

Mountain Dew's Diet Original Flavor
Diet Mountain Dew has been around since 1988.I have heard from many people that Diet Mountain Dew is the best tasting diet drink available. It tastes much like original Mountain Dew with a slight bitter aftertaste. Diet Mountain Dew is also made in a caffeine free version. A New website has been launched for Diet Dew's new taste.

A Diet Mountain Dew commercial is on TV. The commercial has a diver in shark infested waters. It appears to try and show the world how Diet Dew is as bold of a flavor as regular Dew. The transcript of the commercial is: "In these shark infested waters, a team of scientists and one brave volunteer are about to find the answer to an important question. Is Diet Mountain Dew as much of a thrill as regular Dew. The results were clear, Diet Mountain Dew is all the Dew with none of the calories." In a bold font at the end of the commercial it says: "HOW DEW DOES DIET" (in small print) "with great new taste."

2006 Tune Up The Taste*UPDATE*
Diet Mountain Dew is now being branded with a "Tune up The Taste" slogan. As pointed out by one of our readers, Diet Dew now contains the non-nutritive sweetener acesulfame potassium. This new ingredient is making a drastic change in flavor to Diet Dew. It is not clear if this is a test product, local market change, or a complete overhaul of Diet Dew. I will post more news when it is available.

When are companies going to learn to stop tinkering with their recipes? New coke failed, Diet Coke with splenda is not selling well, and now they want to "Tune Up" Diet Dew? At least give consumers the option of both flavors. If they don't change back soon, I think many Dew drinkers will tune out.

A online petition has been started by one of our readers. Sign the petition and call the number for PepsiCo below. The representatives are getting blasted with phone calls.

PepsiCo Customer Service Info :1-800-433-2652.
The website for e-mail comments is:

Ingredients: (Before 2006 Flavor Change)
(8 fl. oz) Contains: Carbonated water, concentrated orange juice, citric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate (preserves freshness), citrus pectin, potassium citrate, caffeine, gum arabic, natural flavors, brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5 and erythorbic acid (preserves freshness).


New Diet Dew Ads:
New Diet Dew Artwork. Cllck image to make bigger.

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