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The Mountain Dew Addiction has been serving Dew fans since 1999. We are the authority on Dew news and rumors. The site was created by a Dew Fan for Dew Fans. Take our polls and read some reviews. Mountain Dew is our friend. Drink responsibly.

Mountain Dew News
August 2007
Need a Xbox to go with your Game fuel? Get your Xbox 360 Elite for free! Sign up for one offer and refer a few friends. Check out the info.

Halo 3 and Mountain Dew have released a limited edition Halo 3 Mountain Dew. Master Chief and the words "Mountain Dew Game Fuel" appear on the citrus cherry flavored dew. Details after the link More

Baja Blast has a world series promotion. Check out the details More

April 2007
Mountain Dew and Cold Stone Creamery have teamed up to create a Dew Iced Smoothie. Check out thier site for a $1 off coupon.

Mountain Dew will promote the new Transformers movie this summer. "Transform your summer" More

March 2007
Chuck Norris stars in new Mountain Dew commercial

Man tries to rob store of Mountain Dew because he was thirsty More

Exercise is better for you then caffeine More

February 2007
Mountain Dew begins testing a new flavor called Mountain Dew Clash. It is flavored Blueberry Mountain Dew

January 2007
There are rumors around the internet of a new Mountain Dew being tested. Mountain Dew Strawberry Splash.

"Sue Teller Mashes It Up" video on You Tube is creating quite the buzz on the web.

Mountain Dew MDX has released a new commercial on their web site with the group Zlad

Amp Energy has a great new web site. The slogan "Amp your world" has been introduced.

On a Pepsi note, check out their new can design. Are we on the verge of a new Mountain Dew can design?

December 2006
I just came across a article in that claims Mountain Dew is retooling their image.

These guys built a Christmas Tree with approximately 400 cans of Mountain Dew.

A rumor of a new Dew flavor is circulating the internet. Mountain Dew Phoenix is rumored to come out in early 2007.

Summer 2006
Mountain Dew's MDX has launched a new slogan "Stay Sharp"

Diet Mountain Dew is now being branded with a "Tune up The Taste" slogan

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Mountain Dew's Newest Drink is Amp Energy. Amp Energy is a very strong player in the energy drink market. Everyone to the dew site seems to love the taste of amp energy. Take a look around and see what you think about amp energy drink.

Mountain Dew is owned by Pepsi Co. Mountain Dew has become the leading lemon lime drink in most markets. They have become synonymous with Extreme sports

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